Mini Sublime Blanket | muted lavender

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Mini Sublime Blanket | muted lavender

Made with 100% farm-raised, hand-dyed alpaca - larger than the majority of comparable layers. 
Makes an amazing stuffer, layer, backdrop & more. 

 The mini blankets are 16"+ // Regular size is 20"+

* please see the store info page for current shipping turnaround times

--> Item color varies from piece to piece as they are made from natural materials. Custom colors also vary as no pieces can truly be 100% alike. I try my best to color match- not guaranteed though. Thank you for understanding and appreciating the time and effort we put into making these beautiful creations. 

(The "Multi" option is a rare find and varies more than the usual blanket with random mixtures of brown, grey, fawn, oat and even natural white- having as little as two colors or even all five! Quite a lovely and fun surprise to receive your own OOAK naturally multi-colored blanket.)

*Please note that all items at Mama Knits are created using all natural, organic fibers that vary slightly in color from piece to piece. Hand washing in cool water and laying flat to dry is recommended. Do not stretch, wring, or squeeze any product as it can damage or felt your item. Do not leave babies unattended with Mama Knits items- some pieces may be a choking hazard.


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