Shaggy Fur | S114 RTS

Shaggy Fur | S114 RTS

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All furs are made from beautiful locally sourced and ethically harvested full fleeces. Being that they are shaped and felted from their true fleece forms, each layer is truly unique and has its own final size and shape. Has a solid backing. 
  • Please see store info for current turnaround times.


Please note:
  • These layers are for photographic purposes only.
  • Some layers may have a small amount of vegetable matter (small pieces of hay, etc) leftover after their shakeout and quadruple wash. We do our best to make sure this doesn't happen, but please remember that this is a normal occurrence when dealing with natural and ethically harvested wool. Sheep and lambs roam freely and happily at their home farm.  This specific layer may have a bit more than normal but is very clean. This is all part of using fleeces that are collected ethically and from cruelty-free small farms. 

Care Instructions:

  • HAND wash in warm water with mild soap (we use goat milk soap). 
  • Do not agitate, wring, rub or scrub.
  • Remove from the bath and gently squeeze the water from the layer (do not pull on curls).
  • Lay flat on towel or lay over a clothes line to air dry.
  • NEVER machine wash or dry.
  • IMMEDIATE spot cleaning is ideal for small soilings- use a mild soap or vinegar with water. Soak the spot and air dry.


  • Disclaimer- these are hand-felted so please remember to NEVER pull on the curls or fluff!! Mama Knits is not responsible for damage to your layers after purchase.