Item Care & Policies


We do not refund purchases, accept returns or exchange items. This includes, but is not limited to, sales through social media sites, this website/online store or custom orders. 

Custom orders (MTO’s):

We do not give sneak peeks or previews. You will give us a very descriptive idea of what you are wanting, visual inspiration is a plus, and with that we will create a custom prop for you. No two items will ever be exactly alike; no piece can be replicated. Where we do try our best to male items as close to the original inspiration as possible, variations in shades, sizes, fur styles, etc are perfectly normal seeing as everything is created with unique fibers. When ordering from us you are directed to this page to confirm that you understand any and all of these policies.            

Turnaround time is currently 30-45 business days.

“Ready to ship” items usually go out within 10-12 business days but refer to the previous statement if it has been longer.

Customers are responsible for all shipping costs.
Shipping costs are non-refundable as well as purchases.

If there is an issue with your order for any reason, please email us at for further assistance within 12 hours of receipt.



Item Care


- Any and all props are created with natural fibers... special care IS required. 

- Hand wash your prop in room temp water with mild soap (goats milk soap with essential oils) or detergent and lay flat to dry- flipping every 30 minutes to help maintain shape and size. 

- Please note that if you pull/stretch/scrub on your product, it may result in a felted or misshapen piece.

- Please remember that all items are hand dyed so color varies from piece to piece. This makes your item truly OOAK.



- Any/all blankets should only to be spot washed if possible, with a goat's milk soap (using essential oils for fragrance), taking care to not damage the delicate fibers. 

- If you must wash the entire item- please take EXTRA care. Do not squeeze, wring, rub, scrub or stretch. 

- Handwash in room temp water with a mild soap (again, goat's milk soap and essential oils is the recommendation) or detergent. Lay flat to air dry, flipping the item every half hour to help maintain fluffiness and shape. 


Felted Layers & Curls

- Layers or loose curls should only be hand washed in room temp water with mild soap or detergent (curls in). Again, the recommendation is goat milk soap and essential oils for best results. 

- Do not agitate, wring, rub or scrub. Never pull on curls. 

- Remove from the bath and gently squeeze the water from the layer (curls still facing in).

- Lay flat on a towel or lay over a clothes line to air dry.

- NEVER machine wash or dry.

- IMMEDIATE spot cleaning is ideal for small soilings- use a mild soap or vinegar with water. Soak the spot and air dry.

*Disclaimer- these are hand-felted so please remember to NEVER pull on the curls or fluff!! Mama Knits is not responsible for damage to your layers after purchase.